We Believe that with enough Knowledge, Belief and Hard Work,

Cooperating Together, Anyone Could Make the World a bit Better.

One Toy, More Joy

Plushy Planet was founded with an innovative spirit and a simple, firm mission: to create a completely new type of luxury plush toys – the best possible Luxury Toys, that would be loved by the entire planet. Quality and creativity are the main ingredients we put in our toys, combining the best possibilities of the pure imagination with genuine product design principles. The direct result of this approach is The World’s First Ever Luxury Cuddly Toy With Swarovski Crystals – Plush Goldfish.

Our logo – a big smiling planet is the pure expression of positiveness & fun.

Our name,  ,, Plushy Planet ” has a double positive meaning. The word  ,,plushy” – implies ,, luxury, chic, deluxe ” and at the same time it means – ,, a soft toy ”. Thus, Plushy Planet is the name that represents a completely new trend in the nowadays toy industry –  Luxury Cuddly Toys, made with Swarovski Crystals.

We are so grateful to everyone who supported us to bring this amazing character to life & we look forward to creating new interesting ones – as soon as possible.

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