Creativity and fun are the main ingredients we put in our toys, combining the best possibilities of the pure imagination with genuine product design principles. Plushy Planet was founded with an innovative spirit and a simple, firm mission: to create the best possible stuffed toys/animals and different other interesting characters that would be loved by entire planet. Our name Plushy Planet is easy to pronounce, easy to remember and it reflects our pleasure to serve everyone without exception –  no age limits. The Plush Goldfish is our first created  – friendly character. According to an old story, he was made in order to help and urge us make our wishes come true. Or, if you are lucky enough – maybe he will make your wishes come true just like that. Either way,  it’s a friendly bright plushie toy that could bring more joy on the monotonous background of daily life.

Our logo – a big smiling planet is pure expression of positiveness & fun. We hope you’ll gonna love it. We are so grateful to everyone who supported us to bring this amazing character to life & we look forward to create new interesting ones – as soon as possible.

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