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Julian - Cute Panda Boba Tea Squishies

Julian - Cute Panda Boba Tea Squishies

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Capture Every Moment with Our Cute Panda Boba Tea Squishies


Get ready to squish and sip with our adorable Cute Panda Boba Tea Squishies! These irresistibly squishy toys are shaped like cute pandas holding delicious boba tea cups. Made with super soft and slow-rising material, they are perfect for stress relief or simply for adding cuteness to your collection. Choose from different colors and styles and enjoy the squishy cuddliness of these lovable pandas!

Key Features

  • Super soft and slow-rising material for ultimate squishiness
  • Cute panda design with boba tea cup
  • Great for stress relief and relaxation
  • Available in different colors and styles
  • Perfect for collecting or gifting

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